Jones Nhinson Congratulates All Liberian Muslims On The Day Of Ramadam, Urges All Liberians To Work For A Better Liberia As One People

The President and Chief Executive Officer of the New Liberia Foundation has congratulated all Liberian Muslims for this year's Ramadam celebration.

In a prepared messages to all Liberian Muslims, Mr. Williams said, "Today marks the end of the Holy month of Ramadan, a special period of religious festivity that demonstrates another way of human worship.  To pray and fast are very serious religious commitments and a just way to honor God (Allah the Almighty) as well.

As a Liberian, I want to take this time to congratulate all of our Liberian Muslim brothers and sisters who took the time to celebrate God (Allah) during the month of Holy Ramadan.

Liberia is a blessed nation when it comes to religious tolerance and acceptability and we should pride ourselves on this defined unity and understanding we have as a nation.  Despite all of our national shortcomings and plight, we as a nation have demonstrated over and again that no one in our land is defined by their religion. We are all Liberians; that is our definition.  The religions we worship or adhere to are a matter of personal commitment.

Therefore I want to take this time to call all Liberian Muslims and Christians to let Liberia be a nation of religious tolerance and freedom as we have been since the founding of our nation. I urge all Liberian politicians, activists and others to deal with the chronic economic and development problems our nation has and forget about injecting in issues and problems that we do not have.

Liberia does not have a religious problem. Liberia has a social, political and excruciating economic problem.  Our young people need jobs. Our children need better education, our mothers and fathers need access to decent lives and better healthcare.  Our roads need to be paved and our communities need power or energy.  Our villages need safe drinking water.  Our society needs accountability and transparency. Our judicial system needs independence, competence and support.  Our media needs more training so as to induce professionalism.

Above all, Liberia needs leaders with vision, innovation and competence ­­­­––––people who can think 50 years ahead, rather than focusing on today.   Our country calls on us to be patriotic, dedicated and selfless rather than being egocentric and shortsighted.  When we deviate from the painful social and economic problems our nation and people face and generate non-existing calamities and factors such as religion, it just tells how dumb we are as statesmen and women. When we want to use religion to elevate our individual political and social statuses in the Liberian society, it simply shows that we are out of ideas.

Here is what we can do as a nation and people: we need to focus on how we can develop and expand private sector investment in Liberia; how we can build super highways and high speed railways to connect Liberia to its neighbors. We need to focus on how we can establish research hospitals as well as make Liberia the technology, financial and business capital or destination of West Africa.  Finally, we need to focus on how we can change Liberia from an impoverished third world country to a first nation like Singapore.  This is the roadmap and this must be the roadmap for our lawmakers, our leaders. Religion must and should.   We have no religious problem in Liberia. Let us deal with the corruption cancer, public theft and Ebola we have and forget about problems we have not," Mr. Williams in his Ramadam message concluded..

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