LIBERIA: Benoni Urey Is Determine To Rule Liberia, Criticizes Diaspora Politicians

“This is our home, this place called Ganta is where we were chased by helicopter guns, we are back to our homeland,” these were the words of Benoni Urey during his visit to Nimba County few days ago.

Mr. Urey like other Liberian politicians is more determine to rule Liberia in the pending 2017 general and presidential elections; boatful of his interest for the people of Liberia reminded his would be electorates to vote into office those who stayed with them during time of crisis.

He condemned those diaspora politicians who he said only come back home (Liberia) to seek state  power, stressing, “Don’t be fooled by those politicians who ran away from you during your crisis, and now coming again to seek your votes,” Mr. Urey considered in Liberia as the richest businessman told his supporters in Nimba County.

Mr. Urey and his wife Mai Urey were seen in their joyous state of mind where the Friends of Benoni Urey officially dedicated a local bridge name in honor of the Ureys in the County.

Few months the Presidential Hopeful warned Nimbaians not to vote strangers and politicians who will dish out cash to them and forget them while in office. He made the statement when he took home the mortal remains of the former Vice President of Liberia Enoch Dogolea, who died in office in 2000.

"This is not a time to elect people with sweet mouth, we want to be able to see, smell and taste what you have done," he said. "The time to come from America and say I will do this and do that; if you make me President that time is over. We want to see what you have done to be our leader."

Mr. Benoni Urey called on Nimbaians not to allow themselves to be used by politicians, adding that they've the numbers to determine who the Liberia's next President becomes. "Your take yourself in this Nimba county for granted; your don't know, nobody can be President in Liberia until the people of Nimba agree," Urey noted.

"We have friends in Nimba County and we want you to know that we are one. It is time to take back our country." The Presidential hopeful called on the people of Nimba to take 2017 election seriously. "We come here today to tell your that your should get serious, this thing here people coming one week tell you to vote and give rice, a few dollars and motorcycle we must stop it," Urey added.

Urey, receiving a rousing welcome in the home of the former VP, said the elders must advise the youth to do the right thing in this upcoming election. "All of our old people, we must advise the young people to ensure that they do the right thing," he said. Urey added that people should vote politicians who have been in Liberia through the dark days.

"We want somebody who have live with us throughout, I have never left this country except for my study right after graduation," said Urey. "I came back, I have been with you in bad and good times, I know where the shoe is pinching."

Benoni Urey noted: "I don't have to drive four hours to be here, 2017 is tomorrow; we don't want to wait last minute to come to your, let them stay in Monrovia, we are not coming here to give your money to vote for me; if that is the case don't vote for me, but your should see what I have done."

He led a delegation of current and past government officials for the reburial of the late Vice President Dogolea in Nimba County. The reburial of the former Vice President Dogolea came as a request made by his wife and Urey sponsored the ceremony.

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