LIBERIA: Edwin Zodua Arrested, Detained For ‘Bill Jumping’

(BY: Semedora Wilson)

The head of the Liberian social justice foundation has been arrested by authorities of the New Kru Town Magisterial court apparently on the orders of a top government official connected to the multimillion dollars Canadian gold mining Company Aurous mining in Grand Cape Mount County.

Dr. Edwin Zodua is reported to have been arrested by state security forces and a sheriff of the New Kru Town court under heavy police presence. One account of Dr. Zodua arrest points to his refusal to honor a previous bill and his allege refusal to appear in court some Months ago termed by court officials as bill jumping.

But a Telephone conversation with Dr. Zodua revealed that he was arrest for constantly exposing the bad labor practices of Aurous mining in Grand Cape Mount County. Dr. Zodua has been taken to the Monrovia Central Prison after being denied his basic rights under the laws of Liberia.

The social justice advocate has been seriously attacking Aurous mining operations in the County, exposing their wicked deed. Zodua is on record of saying that Aurous refuse to honor the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) agreement signed between Aurous and the People of Kinjor. He said workers are being made to work for up to thirteen hours without launch break.

Zodua said residents of kinjor were defecating in plates and buckets during this modern era with the presence of a multimillion dollars company.

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