US Report Says Sexual Harassment Still A Problem In Liberia

Sexual harassment still remains a major problem in schools and places of work in Liberia, a US Department of State 2014 Country Report on Human Rights in Liberia has said.

The report noted that Liberian laws did not prohibit sexual harassment, but government billboards and notices in government offices warned against harassment in the workplace.

The report also outlined that there are no laws in Liberia restricting couples and individuals from deciding the number, spacing, and timing of their children, and that individuals have the right to seek and acquire information on reproductive health.

During the period under review, the report indicated that information and assistance on family planning was difficult to obtain, particularly in rural areas, where there were few health clinics.

The US report further stressed that the government included family planning counseling and services as key components of its new 10-year national health and social welfare plan, with a 2013 demographic and health report citing that modern contraceptive use stood at 20 percent nationwide, although some rural counties had rates closer to 10 percent.

Quoting the UN Population Fund, the report noted that the country had earlier in the year reduced its maternal mortality rate during the past 13 years from 1,100 to 640 per 100,000 live births, and a woman’s lifetime risk of maternal death was one in 31.

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