U.S. Envoy Malac Challenges Liberians To Pursue Nat’l Dreams

United States Ambassador Deborah Malac has challenged Liberians to pool their resources together, accelerate their efforts and pursue their country's dreams.
She said pursuing the dreams will help improve their lives, those of their families and future generations.
Ambassador Malac proffered the challenge recently in her statement at celebrations marking the 239th anniversary of the Independence of the United States of America in Monrovia.
“Liberians must be confident in their own future and not expect that it will be “delivered” to them by a government or a partner,” Malac stressed.
She emphasized that change comes through hard work, adding “development, consolidation of democratic governance and reconciliation are all processes that take time, but by working together, valuing differences and committing to the greater good, progress comes more quickly.”
She said celebrating the 239th birth anniversary of the United States is a bold experiment in nation-building.
Malac indicated that despite progress in the American economy, the country is still striving to live up to the ideals enshrined in its declaration of independence that all Americans are created equal, and to achieve the “more perfect union” aspired to in their constitution.
“As we focus, USAID has been working for years to improve Liberia’s healthcare system, and will continue to improve its capacity and resilience in strengthening the long-term capacity of the Liberian health sector.
“We will coordinate these U.S. resources in ensuring that they complement the efforts of other international donors, and that they fit appropriately into the Government of Liberia’s long-term recovery plan,” the U.S envoy added.  
Meanwhile, the U.S diplomat has expressed confidence that the return of the U.S Peace Corps Volunteers will help boost the recovery of Liberia’s educational system.
She said while in Liberia, the volunteers will focus on teaching in high schools throughout the country and providing health education in their communities.

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