LIBERIA: Executive Mansion Decries FPA’s Publication

The Executive Mansion has denounced the FrontPageAfrica (FPA) editorial staff as “political surrogates whose aim runs contrary to the fundamental cannons of professional journalism.”
Reacting to a FPA publication against the Liberian leader, the Public Affairs Department of the Executive Mansion categorically debunked as false, misleading, malicious and fallacious quote by an unknown female student during an unprecedented besiege of the Presidential motorcade on Thursday, July 2, within the precinct of the Presidency over a proposed Education Policy that has been occasioned by consultations.
An Executive Mansion release described the insertion in the story as an instrument of propagandistic machination by the FPA newspaper and its political backers to deliberately discredit the administration of President Sirleaf after the numerous gains the government has made and is making despite the numerous constraints.
The attempt to manufacture a non-existent character to spew venom and intentionally rain invectives on the presidency with a view to achieving baseless and empty scores brings into question the integrity of a media institution that claims to thrive on pursuing the truth, the release pointed out.
The release further stated, what is the basis of seeking any so-called truth if knowingly the object is in pursuit of seeking pecuniary interest to say the least?
“While it is true the government remains fully committed to free speech and freedom of the press, it will not tolerate an abuse as spearheaded by FrontPageAfrica to undermine the democratic culture the administration is fervently committed to building,” the release cautions.
Meanwhile, the Executive Mansion has seriously condemned acts of indiscipline that tend to undermine the credibility of the proper upbringing of our young people, especially at a time when the administration has made enormous contribution towards the transformation of our children so as not to be seen as mere products of our school system but as people engrained with the capacity, capability, and intellectual orientation ready to assume the task of nation-building.
The Executive Mansion asserts that the falsehood attributed to an unknown student which formed part of a somewhat malicious story likening President Sirleaf to “wickedness” is short of the truth.
The Executive Mansion hereby stresses that the evolving political chicanery is misdirected and calls upon the FrontPageAfrica newspaper to ensure that the tenets of journalism bring patriotism to the fore and is responsibly adhered to.

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