Liberian Urges US Congressman To Push For More U.S. Political And Security Engagement In And With Liberia.

A Liberian humanitarian and rights advocate based in the United States is seriously calling on a member of the US Congress to prevail on his fellow congressmen to push for more U.S. political and security engagement in and with Liberia, stressing that Liberia is falling apart.

In a communication to Kathleen Perry, Legislative Assistant to Senator Charles Schumer, Mr. J. Nhinson Williams regarding the Liberian situation, said, “The last time when I met with you and your colleagues at Senator Charles Schumer's office, I revealed to you a number of problems facing Liberia. Many of those problems are serious and man-made.  Besides, they are conditions that are likely to make Liberia a failed state once again as we saw from 1990 – 2003. Given the level of global extremism, this situation could be exploited by extremists as is in other African nations, notably Libya, Nigeria etc.

Senator Schumer is an eminent member of the Senate and one of the most influential leaders in the United States. This is why I find it fitting to frequently ask for his involvement in addressing the security challenges of Africa, especially Liberia, a traditional friend and ally of the United States.

Through you, I urge Senator Schumer to push for more U.S. political and security engagement in and with Liberia. Liberia is falling apart. There is a leadership and security vacuum in Liberia and the current Liberian administration lacks the capacity and realization to grasp and fully understand the implications. From politically induced religious tension, hunger and food insecurity to massive unemployment, callous insensitivity and corruption to absolute and naked abuse of power. Liberia remains at risk.  Just read the recent news story coming out of Liberia where a potential popular uprising is emerging from students of all people:

Concluding Mr. Williams noting said, “ I will hope that Senator Schumer would use his political capital to draw the full attention of the White House to the damaging episode that is poised to develop in Liberia should the United States do nothing to act.  President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf needs help, guidance and direction and the United States can provide that in a timely manner for the sake of the Liberian people.

Lastly, Liberians are always grateful for all and  every assistance that the U.S. government and the American people have provided to their nation over time, but waiting until things fall apart before coming to help mediate or intervening is unacceptable.  I trust that Senator Schumer will use his good offices to put Liberia at the forefront of the senate and the White House in coming days to avoid a Tunisian, Egyptian, Libyan or Burkina Faso-like picture in Liberia,” Mr. Williams in his report to the US congressman noted.

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