Liberians Blames the Return of Ebola on Government’s Failure to Shutdown Borders, And The Complacency Some Citizens

Following  news report quoting Liberia’s newly confirmed Health Minister that the Country borders will not be closed at this time despite the emergence of a new Ebola case in Lower Margibi County Monday, Liberians are blaming this deadly virus emergence on the soil of Liberia on Government’s failure to close down all borders between neighboring countries.

The emergence of this virus has once again reawakened the worries of dozens of Liberians who were traumatized as a result of its attack; taken away hundreds of lives while children whose parents made victims are now living as orphans.

Speaking to our staff, dozens of Liberians upon hearing this disheartened news about the bounce back of Ebola in Liberia killing one person in Margibi County blamed the Liberian Government of paying less attention to close border, and also blamed those who they said have always been complacency in the prevention of the virus,

They said if all borders with Liberia were closed by the government, people from these affected countries who are trooping to Liberia on a daily basic such would not have occurred at this point where a single case is being discovered in Liberia after being declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) of been Ebola free,

What is so frustrating is the use of PPEs by motorbikes riders immediately after WHO declared Liberia FREE of the virus, what a shameful act on the part of Liberians,

Speaking at the Ministry of Information regular press briefing,  Health Minister Bernice Dahn has said, “We are not recommending the closure of our borders, but we are continuing surveillance at all entry points, including land, sea and air,” she said, adding that “communities near Liberia’s border can help protect Liberia from Ebola.’
She further noted Dahn noted that people will continue to cross borders to go to markets, visit families and to get healthcare.
County health teams and border officials are screening cross-border travelers, the minister said, adding that “any traveler showing symptoms of Ebola should be rapidly isolated and referred to a health facility.”
According to Dahn, community leaders are aware of border procedures and when to alert health teams.
“We should remain vigilant in our border communities and if you see a visitor who is sick, we must contact our community leaders and they will contact 4455 to alert health teams,” she narrated.

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