Netherlands, West Africa Have Shared Interests, Liberian Envoy Stresses

Liberia’s Ambassador to the Netherlands, Isaac W. Nyenabo, has observed that the Netherlands and West Africa have many shared interests that are cardinal to all stakeholders.

According to a dispatch, the Ambassador made the remarks as a high profile Dutch business is slated to visit Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea to explore investment opportunities.

He said this trade mission will help broaden relationships among the stakeholders, and will make it easier to discuss more relevant trade matters.

At the recent presentation of the Letters of Credence of Liberia's Ambassador Nyenabo, the King of the Netherlands Williem-Alexander revealed that a Trade Mission of Dutch investors and partners were planning to visit Liberia by July 6 to explore possibilities of doing business in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

King Williem-Alexander said the mission's objective was to contribute to the economies of the worst hit Ebola countries and provide jobs for the people.

The historical relations subsisting between the Netherlands and Liberia date as far back as the 17th Century when the Dutch ship "White Dog" reached the Liberian coast in 1614 and started informal trade with the inhabitants on the West Coast of Africa.


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