‘Make Annual Health Assessment For Public And Private Sector Employees Mandatory’ Liberian Journalist Urges

A Liberian journalist and founder of the diabetes testing and awareness center in Liberia is calling on the Liberian government to make it mandatory for government and private sectors employees to do their annual health assessment to reduce the risk of people developing metabolic syndrome.

Speaking at Ebola event in the United States

James Momoh who is expected in the country shortly, made the statement during an interview with our reporter from the United States. According to Momoh, metabolic syndrome is simply the clustering of medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

He said the annual health assessment if made possible in the country, will enable employees of both the private and government sectors know their health status and also provide them the opportunity to seek medical attention to control or treat unknown medical condition. ‘Early detection of any medical condition is central to treatment and management’.

Momoh said the mandatory annual health assessment is a global approach to ensuring a healthy country and for Liberia to be a healthy country people must be attentive to their own health and not to allow themselves to fall prey of manageable health condition like diabetes, hypertension and the complications of obesity.

He said in the developed countries, employees of both the government and private sectors are mandated to do their annual health assessment for them to seek medical treatment when ever abnormalities are observed.  

Momoh said, if the approach is accepted by the government, his entity is willing to provide its services to all public and government employees whose health evaluation will include the testing for hyperglycemia or diabetes, hypertension or High blood pressure, obesity, level of oxygen in circulation and the checking of heart and lungs sound. “These are vital to human life he added.

On the progress of the diabetes center since opening its doors in Liberia, Momoh said the center is saving the lives of thousands of Liberians that are either diabetic or pre-diabetic through testing and counseling programs while others are finding out that they were unknowingly living with diabetes. Momoh said, the prevalence of diabetes in the country needs urgent attention and opportunity must be provided for people living with diabetes to get treatment to enable them live a productive life. He said the objective of the diabetes center in Liberia is not to treat people for diabetes but to basically test people and provide them the knowledge on the management of diabetes and the significant of lifestyle changes.                   


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