Liberian Leader Lifts Moratorium on Child Adoption In Liberia

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has lifted the moratorium placed on child adoption in Liberia and has directed that the laws, regulations, and standard operating procedures for adoption be adhered to strictly.

According to an Executive Mansion release, government has amended the Domestic Relations law, which explicitly includes processes for inter-country adoptions.
Government has also put in place Standard Operating Procedures and Accreditation Guidelines with strong safeguard measures for both Domestic and inter-country adoptions.
The new Standard Operating Procedures provide for appropriate action and review by the Probate Court and by the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization.   
The new Standard Operating Procedures also provide for continual monitoring of an adoptee even after the child leaves Liberia.
Additionally, preference for inter-country adoptions will be given to adoption agencies whose home country is a “Hague Convention Country” because in those countries the governments are under international obligation to monitor and provide protection for adopted persons.
This will be done through constant monitoring of adoption agencies and by ensuring such agencies are compliant with the policies of the Hague Convention.  

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