LIBERIA: Lower House Summons Pres. Sirleaf To Appear

Members of the House of Representatives Tuesday voted unanimously to summon President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to appear before Plenary on Thursday, July 2.

The lawmakers want the President to explain why she instructed Education Minister George Werner to ignore instruction conveyed to him through a letter dated June 23 by the Chief Clerk of the House.
In a letter to House Speaker J. Alex Tyler dated June 25, the President reminded the Legislators that she took oath in compliance with Article 53 to preserve, protect and defend the Liberian Constitution, and is mindful of Article 56 which subjects ministers and other state executive officials to the authority of the President.
She added: “I have therefore, instructed the Minister of Education to ignore what appears to be instructions conveyed to him under cover of a letter dated June 23, 2015 by the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives.”
But, during a heated debate of the President’s communication that lasted almost an hour, the lawmakers considered her action as a complete disrespect to them, emphasizing that it is tantamount to “Constitutional Contempt.”
Meanwhile, during the debate, the President sent another letter, dated June 30, 2015 to the Legislators informing them that following a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, June 24, she has been holding consultations with educational institutions to discuss the proposal of the Education Minister for reform in the educational system.
She indicated that the consultations are going well and shall lead to a consensus that represents a “win-win situation.”
Concluding, Pres. Sirleaf stated that the purpose of the letter was to request a meeting with the leadership of the House of Representatives to discuss and obtain their views on the conclusion of the consultations.
Following the reading of the instrument in session, Plenary forwarded it to the leadership of the House of Representatives for action.

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