For His Advocacy against Female Genital Mutilation, Liberian Businessman’s Life Under Threat

A Liberian businessman, and also a rights advocate in Liberia has vowed to continue his advocacy despite of numerous threats from his neighborhood and other residents of advocating for the rights of women, especially the traditional ‘Sandy Society’ group involves in the female genital mutilation.

Due to these threats from members of the ‘Sandy and Poro Societies’, Mr. Sylvester Nyuma in an exclusive interview with this news outlet, said his only worries about all of these threats from unknown individuals is the lives of his children who have always been threatened by unknown individuals.

Mr. Nyuma, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of SUSCO over the past years has been against the abuse of the rights of women, especially those  who are in the constant habit of abusing womanhood, by traditionally carryout the issue of female genital mutilation, a situation that he constantly condemned.

Mr. Nyuma who appeared worried during the time of this interview, expressed fear that his kids and other kids who are also attending the same school may likely fall victim if their lives are not protected by authorities in the country.

Sources closed to this news outlet has revealed that Mr. Nyuma who has been petitioned by residents of his community to contest pending elections is also facing some serious threats from some of his neighbors who also have similar political  desire.

However, our reporter is currently investigation this latest development and same results to be posted in our subsequent posting.

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