Liberian Government Enacts New Anti-Drug Legislation, DEA Boss Discloses

The Government of Liberia (GOL) has enacted a new anti-drug legislation to protect the nation from becoming a drug hotspot, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Director Anthony Souh has disclosed.
“Being mindful that drug abuse somewhere is automatically drug abuse everywhere, government took the decision especially at a time when Liberia is being used as a major transit point for drug trafficking,’ Souh said.
Making the disclosure Thursday at the Ministry of Information press conference, Souh said the legislation has been endorsed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and is now being printed into handbills by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Although Souh did not give details of the legislation, he indicated that the increase in drug abuse which hampers sanity in any society, gave rise to the crafting and passage of the legislation.
“In clear terms, it means Liberia has ranked itself as a compliant nation and is therefore under the limelight of the international community when it comes to the fight against illicit drugs,” he pointed out.
According to Souh, the U.N. Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC), U.S. Department of State and the United Nations Police (UNPOL), amongst others, are partnering with the DEA as it strives to implement its share of national security operations.
He added: “We appreciate the efforts of these institutions simply because the fight against drug abuse and trafficking is obviously complex in nature, and therefore requires a holistic approach.”
According to him, drug traffickers are often deterred in a society whose legal instruction cannot be curved, adding, “Drug traffickers are deterred where the law is merciless against violators.”
He said when the law bites criminals in a timely manner, the society becomes safe and secure.

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