LIBERIA: LDA Boss Wants US$50m In National Budget For Teacher Training

 Liberian educator has called for the allotment of US$50 million in the national budget annually to facilitate the training of teachers and to revamp the education sector with emphasis on elementary education.
Liberia Dujar Association (LDA) Project Director Dennis Toe told the Liberia News Agency Wednesday that this will enhance the socio-economic development of the country and bring Liberia on par with other nations in Africa and the world at large.
“As it stands right now, Liberia is behind in terms of educationa development,” he noted, adding, “Liberia cannot afford to remain behind all the time.”
Toe said it was unfortunate that some elementary and even high school students do not know how to read or compose letters, and blamed this educational shortfall on the lack of trained teachers in the elementary sector.
The Dujar Association Project Director also called the attention of authorities to the proliferation of dilapidated structures that are used as school buildings in Monrovia and others parts of the country.
“It is unfortunate that every makeshift structure around Monrovia and its environs has become a school without taking into consideration the need for a conducive learning environment with textbooks and laboratory equipment for the students,” he indicated.
According to Toe, priority must be given to the elementary division which, in his view, is critical in laying a solid foundation for the human resource development of the country.
The Dujar Project Director then stressed the need for government to revamp the educational system to ensure that students are trained effectively to contribute to the rebuilding process of the country.  

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