LIBERIA: House Instructs Education Minister To Return To Status Quo

The plenary of the House of Representatives has instructed Education Minister George Werner to abandon his proposal to close schools on June 30 and return to the old academic calendar.

The lower House Tuesday also ordered the Education Minister to publish in both print and electronic media that his proposal for school closure in June has been reversed and the letter to the West African Examination Council (WAEC) nullified.

The House said the new proposal has the propensity to undermine the fragile peace of Liberia, considering the huge amounts of money paid by parents and guardians for their children to return to school after the Ebola outbreak.

Appearing before the House plenary Tuesday to give reasons for his proposal to close schools, Minister Werner admitted taking a unilateral decision, saying that the Executive Mansion was not informed.

Werner, however, told plenary that his action is not a decision but a proposal intended to help revive the Liberian education system from ‘mess’ to ‘best’.

He explained that because of the advent of the Ebola disease in the country Liberian students are not adequately prepared to sit the WAEC test for 2015.

Minister Werner had earlier written the head office of WAEC in Accra, Ghana requesting for an adjustment in the test schedule for Liberian students due to
adjustment in the country’s academic calendar.

He ordered that no WASSCE or WAEC test should be administered in 2015 for school based candidates, noting that instead the examinations be administered in May 2016.


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