LIBERIA: NEW VISION Newspaper, Business Manager Dismissed for Corrupt Practices

The Management of the NEW VISION Newspaper has instituted major and stringent changes and reforms at the institution to enhance accountability, productivity and efficiency and moreover credibility in line with its objectives to serve prudently the largest Liberian society.
In its release issued in Monrovia, the Management of the NEW VISION Newspaper has strongly reiterated that as a part of the critical media segment of the society and strong critic of corruption and other ills of the Liberian society, it wouldn’t conduct any of its staff members to engage in any unscrupulous and unacceptable acts.

The management is herein stating with immediate effect the dismissal of its Business and Finance Manager, Mr. Fuflay Nyenkan for gross dishonest practices. Mr. Nyenkan’s fraudulence acts have seriously affected the smooth operations of the NEW VISION Newspaper, subjugating the paper into an unwarranted financial constraint.

The Management is also warning the public that anyone doing business with him in the name of the New Vision Newspaper would be doing so at his/ her own risk This must claim the immediate attention of all institutions, especially Ecobank, LBDI, MICAT, publishers Association of Liberia, Press Union of Liberia, Heads of media houses and others are to treat this decision with serious and uncompromising consideration.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jacob T. Newton, a senior reporter of the institution has been appointed as acting Business Manager, Sylvester Wowee, Sports Editor while Anthony W. R. Johnson has been appointed as acting Editor-In-Chief.

According to the paper’s management, Mr. Newton is one of the committed, dedicated and hardworking staffers who continues to make great sacrifices and work within the established objectives of the institution.

The paper’s Management further reiterates its commitment and demonstrated objectives to remain unbiased, objective and balanced in the exercise of its reportage duties to serve the greater Liberian society and the world with diligent and commitment.

The NEW VISION Newspaper on Thursday, 16 December 2004 made its debut on the newsstand with the expression of its commitment to serve prudently within the media community of Liberia.

The paper has survived all odds, weathered the storm and still remains persistent on the newsstand, with numerous achievements including being the first to dedicate its back cover page to sports and the critics of public officials, and unearthed dozen of malpractices in both public and private sectors.

However, efforts by this news outlet to get the side of the accused proved unsuccessful as his mobile lines rang endlessly. Investigation continues

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