LIBERIA: Minister George Werner’s Education Reform Receives Kickbacks

Following his rejection by members of the National Legislature when he was nominated by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Minister of Health & Social Welfare, and later nominated again as Minister of Education, and was this time confirmed by the legislators, Mr. George Werners is again being criticized by parents of school going kids for his recent announcement on the closure of schools.

The Minister in his first public announcement said the current school would be changed and that the current academic activities at various schools would be considered as ‘Study Class’.

This pronouncement on the part of Minister Werner angered Liberians, many of whom are parents who have earlier paid huge cash to have their children in schools for this academic year, 2015, pondering over as to what will happen to the tuition paid at these institutions on behalf of the children.

Radio talk shows have been jammed with criticisms from the public on this new development on the part of Minister Werner, that they have considered the recent concerns and disappointments among stakeholders over the new Education Minister’s proposal to change the existing school calendar and introduce a new version.

Parents are also concerned that there are reports that the Minister in his reform at the ministry is intending to nullify all credits students have acquired for promotion to higher grades, and declared current 2015 efforts of school teachers and administrators as “vacation school operations”, as his own construct of education reform.

Due to this huge criticism from Liberians, mostly parents of school going children, report coming from the ministry say the Minister in his closet has denied ever mentioning of such in his reform at the ministry, apparently trying to quench the high tension being mounted from the public.

The public is yet to hear the Minister making clarification on whether schools will be closed or not.

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