U.S. Warns Liberia Against Threat Of New Ebola Outbreak

The United States Government is urging Liberia to remain vigilant since the threat of a renewed Ebola outbreak remains in the West Africa region.
The US Government also cautioned that vigilance should continue, especially until all affected countries reach the equivalent of Liberia’s Ebola eradication milestone.
The U S Government also calls on Liberia to take rigorous surveillance measures, particularly along the Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea borders as a best defense against reintroduction of Ebola in Liberia, including maintaining effective entry and exit screening at all points of entry.
A release said although Liberia has been removed from the list of Ebola-affected countries, the United States has consistently advocated a regional approach to the outbreak and has publically stated that the epidemic would have to end in the entire region.
According to the Foreign Ministry release, before any of the three affected countries would be adequately protected from a recurrence of the outbreak, the act of complacency should not be given a space.
The United States believes Liberia’s success strengthens the determination of the peoples of Sierra Leone and Guinea to continue their efforts to reach Zero cases of Ebola.
The US then congratulated the Government and People of Liberia on reaching the important milestone marked by WHO’S announcement that the Ebola epidemic in Liberia has ended.
The release stressed that the success of the response in Liberia demonstrates that the world can beat the disease if everyone works together and responds quickly with the use of rapid diagnosis, contact tracing, surveillance, isolation of cases, safe and dignified burials, community outreach, and dedication.
Meanwhile, the United States Embassy near Monrovia has stated that the relaxation of screening procedures for passengers travelling to the United States from Liberia comes into effect today, June 17.
According to a Foreign Ministry release, the U S Government says travelers from Liberia will continue to be funneled through five selected US airports, but screening will be scaled back.
It further said while temperature will not be measured and reported on arrival, contact information will still be left to state authorities.
It says though requirements for active monitoring will end immediately, local or State jurisdiction may exercise discretion.

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