Liberia, South Africa Agree To Forge Public, Private Partnerships

Liberia and South Africa have agreed to encourage partnership between public and private institutions in their respective countries.
They also agreed to promote partnerships between their private sectors in accordance with the domestic laws of their respective countries and in consideration of their commitments to sub-regional, regional and international organizations to which they are members.
According to a dispatch from Johannesburg, Foreign Minister Augustine Ngafuan, speaking after a partnership signing ceremony in South Africa, described the agreement between the two countries as a boost in their bilateral relationship.
He noted that they will now have to work through their respective diplomatic missions and concerned sector ministries to ensure implementation.
He then on behalf of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Government and People of Liberia assured President Jacob Zuma and the People of South Africa that all would be done on the side of Liberia to follow the agreement to the letter.


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