U.S. Based Liberian Humanitarian, Jones Nhinson Williams Elected To Chair The Board Of ‘Invest In Family’ NGO

Due to his numerous contributions to the growth of human and social development worldwide, the Founder of the New Liberia Foundation, Mr. Jones Nhinson Williams has been elected by one of United States’ humanitarian organizations, “INVEST IN FAMILY”  aimed at promoting Local and global Prosperity  as its Chairman of the Board.

This NGO is committed to sustainable community development. Projects of interest include those that address environmentally toxic communities, agricultural support and climate change mitigation and adaption. It is also committed to improving urban community conditions. Projects of interest include juvenile justice diversion programs, food security and community development initiatives.

‘Invest In Family’ also committed to improving the lives of impoverished and other disenfranchised families. Projects of interest include those that address health, family violence, education and the arts.

Mr. Williams’s selection was done by the Executive Director and Secretary of the Board, Dr. Holly Agelique, with the consent of the entire membership of the organization.

This NGO is currently investing in Education, and here in Liberia is y partnering with the David K. Garbo Christian Academy in Paynesville, Liberia.  In this deeply impoverished area, families often struggle for the basic necessities of life, such as food and shelter.  

The newly elected Chairman of the Board of Invest In Family  earned a Master's degree in Public Policy and Finance, with a concentration in International Management from New York University's Wagner School of Public Service.  He is an acclaimed Catholic educated contemporary philosopher with experience in workforce development, labor market analysis and business dynamics.  

As a socially conscious leader using unconventional diplomacy and strategic methods of popular uprising, Williams restored Liberia from a failed state under warlord Charles Taylor to a normal functioning society, leading to the return and peaceful co-existence of many Liberian exile and refugees including politicians and professionals such as current Liberian president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

 Then, Mr. Williams turned to relief work, aiding African immigrants in Europe and the U.S., highlighting the issues of hunger, economic migration and the conditions of the internally displaced in Africa.  Since 2003, he has primarily focused on assessing conditions and working toward solutions that would allow all Liberian refugees in West African countries to return home.  See Jones Nhinson Williams' webpage for additional information.

Mr. Williams’ professional work experience includes serving in strategic management and policy positions in the private, nonprofit and public sectors in Europe and the U.S., including as head of the Jewish Family Services’ refugee program. He has also worked as a budget and management analyst for Western governments and administered the U.S. state of Maryland’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. He was recently appointed to the State of Maryland's Advisory Council on Workforce Shortages
Other officials of the organization include:  

Are Richard Fiene, Ph.D., Social Psychology a member of the Board who  has spent his professional career in improving the quality of child care in Pennsylvania, nationally, and internationally.
The child care models that he developed in the 1970s and 1980s have been used in the majority of states to improve their licensing/regulatory systems and were the precursors to the development of quality rating systems. A Parent’s Guide to Choosing Safe and Healthy Child Care published by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services and used by the National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care is based upon Dr. Fiene’s 13 Indicators of Child Care Quality.

Dr Fiene’s holds academic appointments at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the Pennsylvania State University as a Professor of Human Development and Psychology.  He has been a Special Assistant to both the Deputy Secretary for the Office of Children, Youth and Families and the Secretary of Public Welfare during the 1990’s in which he was the Research Director and Policy Analyst for the development of the licensing and training systems in the Department of Public Welfare for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He currently runs the Research Institute for Key Indicators, LLC.  
Dr.  Marci R. Culley, Ph.D., Community Psychology is also Member of the Board, Dr. Culley earned her doctorate at University of Missouri, Kansas City and is currently an Associate Professor at the College of Coastal Georgia.  She has 15 years of experience as an educator in higher education with a research and action agenda aimed at community participation.
She has conducted large-scale community case studies and her expertise lies in helping residents of communities that have been affected by serious environmental problems, including nuclear accidents and naturally occuring asbestos. Her doctoral research that explored a community affected by petroleum contamination won the Best Dissertation Award from the Society for Community Research and Action, Division 27 of the American Psychological Association.  Her expertise lies in communicating with multiple stakeholders, from community residents to organizational leaders, lobbyists, and government officials in order to arrive to solutions of community problems.  Her work has been published in highly respected journals, such as Gender & Society, Journal of Community Psychology, and American Journal of Community Psychology.

 Ms. Angela Keen Badjie, M.A. Community Psychology and Social Change also a Member of the Board she has worked in victims services for 17 years.  She earned a Masters degree from Penn State Harrisburg, where she also holds two Bachelor’s Degrees, one in Applied Behavioral Sciences and another in Public Policy.  Since 2011, she has held the position of Supervisor of Direct Services at Survivors, Inc., a dual domestic violence/sexual assault program.  

In this role, Ms. Badjie provides supervision to all direct service and community education staff and agency volunteers.  She implements policies and procedures to assure the delivery of client-centered, trauma-informed services provides information and data about individuals served and tracks outcomes for funding and invoicing purposes.  She also maintains relationships with community partners and key stakeholders.
Ms. Badjie began her career as a volunteer at the YWCA of Lancaster Sexual Assault Prevention & Counseling Center as a hotline/medical advocate.  She then spent several years as a Training Consultant contracted with the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency where she organized trainings for community and systems-based advocates in Pennsylvania.  

She has also worked as a Technical Assistance Specialist at the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence where her focus was working with STOP Coordinating Teams and she has advocated for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in systems based (criminal justice) agencies as well.  Ms. Badjie has been trained as an expert witness by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and AEquitas. Angela is a Certified Trainer for the Keystone Crisis Intervention Team and actively volunteers as a crisis responder. She continues to provide training and technical assistance to Pennsylvania victim service agencies upon request.

Dr. Holly Angelique, Ph.D., Ecological-Community Psychology, Executive Director and Secretary of the Board  Dr. Angelique who earned her doctorate degree at Michigan State University and is currently a Professor of Community Psychology at Penn State Harrisburg where she holds an administrative position as Chair of Psychology and Social Sciences.  She has over 25 years of experience as an educator with a research and action agenda aimed at individual and community wellness.

 Her academic research has focused on environmental issues facing communities as well as issues of concern to women and their families.  She has worked on programs focused on homelessness, middle-school transition, juvenile justice, environmental issues and community participation.  

She has supervised research and action projects focused on disenfranchised and impoverished families, health and wellness, parenting, teen issues, inner-city programming, food security, alternative education, criminal justice and community development.  Her work has been published in scholarly journals including Journal of Community Psychology, American Journal of Community Psychology, and the Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology.

Irene Baird, D.Ed., Adult Education also a Member of the Board, Dr. Baird earned her doctorate at Penn State Harrisburg, where she is a member of the graduate faculty and serves as Executive Director of the Women's Enrichment Center.  She has been committed to literacy education in prisons for about 30 years.  For two decades, she ran weekly reading and writing workshops with women in prison.  About 10 years ago, she expanded her program to men's facilities as well.  Her research and practice focuses primarily on incarcerated women and men from whose reading, reflection and writing emerge themes around issues of education, gender, relationships, parenting, social justice and violence.  Under Dr. Baird's supervision, their reflections have been the focus of a community play, two DVDs and three book chapters.  Her work has also been published in prestious journals, such as Adult Education Quarterly.  In 2008, Smith College recognized her work in the community by naming her a distinguished aluma.  In 2010, she was selected as one of 150 Living Legacies honored as part of Harrisburg's Susquecentennial Celebration.
Meet the Staff
 Aja J. Binette, Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science, International Relations Director of Programs
Ms. Binette earned an M.A. degree in Political Science at San Diego State University and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Temple University.  She has almost a decade as an educator in higher education and has taught American Government, War and Peace, Globalization & Development, The History and Significance of Race in America, and Foreign Governments.  

She has expertise in international relations and has conducted research on European Union policy as well as international environmental policy.  She has also studied geo-political relations and climate change in Africa.   

Previously Ms. Binette worked as an Economics Campaigner at an environmental non-profit agency, where she researched federal environmental and energy policies, and synthesized information for dissemination to their grassroots membership.  She also works at the Pennsylvania State University’s College of Medicine as a Research Coordinator, where she was involved with all stages of the research process for several large public health studies. She helped design research protocol, implement studies, collect and analyze data.  

The election of Mr. Williams as Chair of this great NGO will help in providing those needed  services to the many less fortunate individuals around the world.

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