LIBERIA: NPA Acting Head Outlines Project Plans

According to a press lease, the National Port Authority (NPA) is currently engaged in port infrastructural development that will see the implementation of major projects in the ports of Liberia, an official has disclosed.
NPA acting Managing Director David Williams said the NPA is engaged in the extension of the Buchanan port’s marginal wharf, building of open and closed storage facilities as well as the procurement of land space for expansion of the port.
Speaking in Buchannan, Grand Bassa County over the weekend at a program marking the dedication of a clinic and power house in the Port of Buchannan, Williams noted that the projects will lead to job creation as well as an increase in the NPA's corporate social responsibility to the county.
He also disclosed that management is paving the roads within the Free Port of Monrovia and improving navigational aids for 24-hour operations, as well as doing maintenance dredging of the entrance channel to the harbor.
In Greenville, he said a key project is rehabilitation of the four kilometers main road leading to the port, extending from Sinoe Street to the port of Greenville.
The NPA official noted that the project is part of the NPA’s corporate social responsibility, as it will provide temporary employment for residents and community dwellers.
He also revealed that NPA is transporting materials to electrify the port of Harper, and procuring marine equipment to enhance its operations.

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