LIBERIA: Muslim Community In Margi County Demonstrates Against Christianizing Liberia, Closed Down Owned Businesses

Muslims Community In Margibi County have vowed to peacefully demonstrate  today with all their businesses to remain closed against Christianizing Liberia as being planned to be heighted in the pending National Referendum by the Constitutional Review Commission.

A spokesman of the group, Mohammed Kromah  threatened that the Liberian Government will not be in peace if it persist that Liberia be Christianized, and further threatened to boycott the pending National Referendum being planned by the CRC.

As a result of this peaceful demonstration in Margibi County, many of the County’s commercial centers have been closed to the public, as bulk of the county’s commercial activities are been controlled by the Muslims in the County.

Mr. Kroma speaking further said, their action is to draw the Liberian Government for it not to welcome the act to Christianize Liberia.

Our Correspondent said many of the business centers in the commercial city of the County, Kakata have been closed, a situation he said is troubling to the general public in the County.

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