LIBERIA: Following Continues Closure Of National Chronicle Newspaper, Management Opens ‘The Hot Pepper’, Vowed Good Journalism

Failure to open the National Chronicle newspaper by the Liberian Government for rest best known to it, the Long Stone Printing House has released its new newspaper, THE HOT PEPPER Newspaper, vowing that it will at all cost thread good journalism in it reportage.

The appearance of this newspaper on the Liberian newsstand has brought relief to lovers and admirers of the closed National Chronicle Newspaper which was being admired due to its critical checkmate of the Liberian Government, and informs the Liberian people about the ills in the Liberian society.

In its today’s Editorial entitled:  “We Too Belong”, the paper said, “We have come to bring to the Liberian people a new form of journalism….a journalism that deals with the truth and nothing by the truth. The Hot Pepper Newspaper will not leave any stone unturned as it relates to digging out vices that have been eaten up the fabrics of the Liberian society. Its editorial policy outlines the principles of good journalistic practices that uphold delivering the highest quality of information,” the paper’s editorial

Today’s appearance of The Hot Pepper on the Liberian newsstand saw dozens in queue to get a copy of its first edition.

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