LIBERIA: Fear Grips Grand Gedeh County, As Armed Ivorian Farmers Take Over Their Forest

The continues infiltration into Liberia by Ivorian armed men under the pretext of farming is getting serious as report from Grand Gedeh County speaks of over 200 armed Ivorian famers have take over Liberian forest, threatening those Liberians residing near the Liberian/Ivorian border.

Report from the County say this situation is getting serious despite of calls from County authority to the central government to quickly intervene, and prevail of its Ivorian counterpart to put an end to this fearful act on the part of the Ivoirians.

Over 2,000 Liberians whose homes are been attacked by these Ivorian farmers in the Liberian forest have reportedly their fled their villages for fear of either been attack by these armed Ivorian farmers.

Recently, Marshall Dennis, Senator of Grand Gedeh County alarmed about this situation, and called on the Liberian leader to quickly move in to save the lives of thousands of his citizens, but up to date nothing has been done on the part of Liberian Government to clear the air on this matter.

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