LIBERIA: “Don’t Seek Law To Christianize Liberia” – Bishop Innis Warns

The Resident Bishop of the Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (LAC/UMC), Bishop John G. Innis, has said there is no need to seek legislation for Liberia to be Christian state.
Bishop Innis stated that Liberia has been a Christian nation since it was founded, but to seek legislation will not automatically make every Liberian to become Christian, instead Christians should live practically Christ-like lives in society.

He made the statement Sunday in an interview with Liberia News Agency at a Special Building Fundraising of the 72nd United Methodist Church held under the theme: “Let people see that I am a Christian” in Paynesville outside Monrovia.

He said that Christians in Liberia should begin to do well in the society such as feeding the poor, educating the less fortunate children and caring for the sick as Jesus Christ and the disciples did before they were called Christians by others.

He stressed that all the political leaders who have governed Liberia from 1847 up to present have been Christians and to seek for a law to Christianize Liberia is not the way forward, but Christian should strive to win people to Christ.
Bishop Innis emphasized that Liberians should love each other to rebuild post-war Liberia and for the betterment of every Liberian no matter their religious beliefs.

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