“Stop Buying Houses Abroad,” Premier Boss Appeals

The General Manager of Premier Homes, a Liberian Estate Development company, is appealing to Liberians contemplating buying houses in America, China, Europe and other parts of the world to desist  as his company is constructing durable houses that can compete with  those in these countries.

Mr. Jefferson S. Bates said his company is fully equipped to construct any house that can compete with those in developed countries, and
called on Liberians to invest in his entity and contribute to the growth of Liberian economy.

Mr. Bates noted that for Liberians to impact the economy amidst competing demands, it was incumbent upon the government and the
citizens to prioritize Liberian-owned businesses and invest in them.

According to him, most Liberian entrepreneurs are creating employment opportunities for their fellow Liberians, and as such it was incumbent
upon citizens and the government to complement their efforts by increasingly investing in Liberian businesses.

He told the Liberia News Agency, in an interview Thursday at his Front
Street office in central Monrovia that his company has embarked on the
construction of more housing units for middle and upper class citizens, all of which will be sold upon completion.

Bates indicated that his housing units are secure with restricted  access as well as landscaped with middle- income environment with
autonomous light and water supply, plus sporting, shopping and other commercial facilities.

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