LIBERIA: Stakeholders Call For Public Health System Policy To Control Animal Origin

Stakeholders in Liberia’s agriculture sector are calling for a  tough veterinary public health systems policy that

will control the safe production of food  and  animal origin in Liberia.

They said the policy should include all stakeholders and medical professionals in the delivery of these services to be established by human public health and veterinary public health in controlling livestock in the country.

Grand Cape Mount County Agriculture Coordinator, Z. Edmond Greaves made the call Thursday when he spoke on behalf  stakeholders during the Liberia National Livestock Policy Plan Validation Workshop at the Ministry of Agriculture Thursday.

Greaves said the stakeholders have prepared a draft policy document which, if validated and enacted into law, will control livestock and its safe production of food and animal origin in Liberia.

He further said  that the policy option document is prepared based on the detailed findings of various studies, field surveys, and discussions with farmers’ groups and associations and  a series of brainstorming sessions and meetings with key stakeholders and the Ministry of Agriculture .

“This document was developed following the advancement of policy guidelines for the livestock sub-sector of Liberia as described by the Food and Agriculture Policy Strategy – “From Subsistence to Sufficiency,” he said.

According to Greaves, livestock development in Liberia is handicapped by a number of critical constraints.He named animal feeds, limited vet services, trained personnel, and limited loan scheme and disease emergency preparedness as some of these constraints, stressing that quality assurance is a critical factor constraining future development of livestock in the absence of legal and regulatory framework.

In remarks, Acting Agriculture Minister Seklau E. Wiles commended participants for gracing the Validation Workshop and noted that

following its validation the document will be sent to the national legislature for enactment into law.


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