NEC Ignores Rep. Bhofal Chambers’ Claims Of Electoral Fraud, Authorizes Senator Gbleh-bo Brown To Remain

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has ignored complaint filed by Maryland County Representative Bhofal Chambers during the December 20, 2014 Mid-term Special Senatorial Election in Maryland County that the election of Senator J. Gbleh-bo Brown was marred with fraud and other election malpractices.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that NEC re-investigates the complaint of Maryland County senatorial candidate, Bhofal Chambers, who filed a Writ of Prohibition to the Court against the NEC in December, 2014.

In his petition, Chambers asked the high court not stop NEC from certificating Independent Candidate Gbleh-bo Brown due to alleged irregularities at the polling station in Maryland County.

The NEC has, however, certificated Brown, along with 12 other senators-elect, while a verdict on the complaint was the pending at the Supreme Court.

In rendering the Supreme Court’s opinion, Associate Justice Philip Banks ruled that NEC erred to have certificated Brown and all other candidates amid complaints filed at the Supreme Court.

He then granted the Writ of Prohibition and mandated the NEC to re-investigate the complaint.

But in its recent mandate, the National Elections Commission in a press release Thursday of this week said following an intensive investigation, it has reached a decision that Representative Bhofal Chambers has no ground to deny Senator Brown the opportunity as Senator of Maryland County, and therefore noted that he is the man elected by his people.

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