LIBERIA: Land Conflict Still Brewing At Liberia/Ivorian Border. Fear Mounts

Continues land dispute between Liberia and Ivory Coast is still ongoing as Liberians at the border some towns in Grand Gedeh
County say Ivoirians on a daily basic are encroaching on Liberia soil; planting cocoa and other crops, a situation they said
creating fear amongst Liberian citizens.

Report further said dozens of Ivoirians have challenged their Liberian counterparts regarding the ownership of the land being
occupied by these Ivoirians, a situation report say has become a worrisome situation,Also speaking on the issue is Representative Alex Grant of Grand Gedeh County who has called on the Liberian Government to quickly intervene in this land dispute between Liberia and the Ivory Coast.

Stressing, “If nothing is done to address this situation it may have the propensity of creating serious confusion between both countries,” speaking on a local radio station, the Grand Gedeh lawmaker noted.

Similar situation took place early this year when residents of Cavalla River; a border area in Maryland County, southeastern Liberia complained that Ivoirians were encroaching on their farmlands planting cocoa and other crops.

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