PROFILE THIS WEEK: Lahai S. T. Ireland – A Liberian In U.S. Doing Better For his People

The level of some Liberians in the diasporas making effort to seek greener pasture for their livelihood and for the rest of their kinsmen is said to be gaining grounds; making tremendous strides in pursuit of a better standard for them and their many compatriots who are finding lives difficult wherever they are.

In this regard, a Liberian who is doing just that is the Chief Executive Officer and President of a U.S. based reputable company, K. C. Global Investment Enterprise, LLC, with several subsidiaries including the K.C. Automotive Repair and Services, the New & Used Vehicles and Parts Sales, and a Beauty & Cosmetic Services;   K.C. African Sisters Hair Braiding & More, LLC, and others are progressively doing well in their operations worldwide.

K.C. Global Investment Enterprises, LLC (KCGIE, LLC) is a prudent and low profile multi-national investment and commercial firm with headquarters in Akron Ohio, USA. The firm was created in the Mid 1990s in West Africa as a commercial transportation business, providing commercial transportation access to the population of several West Africa’s capitals.

The firm later diversified its investments and commercial activities to include: forming industrial and trading partnerships, used cars and auto parts’ sales, and general commerce.

The man behind all of these achievements is no other but Mr. Lahai S. T. Ireland, a business Entrepreneur, and also a Founding member of the New Liberia Foundation, Inc., an organization with the primary objective to make Liberia a better place to live, work and invest.

The organization founded in 2014 was founded by Liberian Diasporas in U.S. and around the globe and headed by Mr. Jones Nhinson Williams, a visionary dedicated to reuniting Liberians to a stronger and productive Liberia, also dedicated to improving the lives of Liberians.

Lahai S. T. Ireland

Lahai S. Traore-Ireland is a Liberian, and a European and American certified automotive technician, with specialization in engine, electrical and electronic diagnosis, analysis and repair.

Lahai learned about and worked in auto repair and services in Europe with concentration in auto maintenance operations; in Africa as an auto repair and services’ administrator and in the United States as a GM and ASE certified auto repair and sales professional. Laye is also a Japanese and German certified auto technician.

Lahai worked for several renowned auto companies, including General Motors Corporation, in the United States. Laye also completed training from, and is certified by General Motors (GM) technical college in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Laye is a trained, knowledgeable, experienced and qualified auto repair technician, administrator, used cars and auto parts expert.

Lahai assumed executive and operational leadership of K.C. Auto Repair & Services in late 2005 as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He has been in this position since then and has improved the capacity and assets of the company. Laye Traore is one of the successful African – American CEOs in the United States of America.

Speaking to this outlet, Mr. Ireland further noted, “We don’t simply give or distribute aid; instead, we identify investment opportunities in all sectors of Liberia to be instrumental in tackling poverty and ensuring that Liberian families and communities are productive, so as to achieve self-sufficiency and economic independence.”

He also stressed, “Our focus is to build and strengthen literacy programs, health care, the environment, agriculture-food production, entrepreneurship, local governance, national security, communications, civic and social life, and community development. All of this can be accomplished by addressing issues such as unemployment, underemployment, hunger, disease and corruption.”

Liberia – as a true democracy, free of corruption, a nation of stability with an established rule of law, a free market economy with a vibrant private sector, a competent workforce and a significant middle and working class – will serve as an example the rest of Africa can follow. What is accomplished in Liberia will have a profound impact on the rest of Africa.

Mr. Ireland, a product of a US based University of Akron, where he obtained his Master of Business Administration (MBA), Business Administration and Management, General few years ago  is a man of virtues, who believes in his nation succeeding in all of its undertaken; the respect for human value and dignity amongst the comity of nations.

As a professional and experienced individual, he also obtained another Masters Auto Tech, Automotive Diagnostic and Repair from 2003 to 2006 at the GM Technical College.

Advance Courses in: Automotive Engine Diagnostics, Engine Repair/Rebuilt, Automatic Trans axle, Brakes & ABS System, Suspension, Electrical & Electronic, Air conditioning & Heating Systems, Automotive Audio & Video, Differential & Axle, Air Bag System, Automotive Starting & Charging System and more.

Activities and Societies: Automotive Engine Performance, Electrical & Electronic, Transmission & Brake System, Auto Heating & Cooling System And Auto Sound & Video



January 2006 – 2013 (7 years)AKRON, OHIO (USA)

K.C. Auto Repair & Services Inc. is a subsidiary of K.C. Global Investment Enterprises, LLC. , was established in 2005 to cater to the auto repair, transportation access and auto parts needs of working families in the state of Ohio.

From its inception, the company provided and continues to provide affordable auto repair and services, used car and auto parts sales to middle and working class Americans and residents at all of its locations in the United States, and around the world.

As the impact of its services intensified, the company’s management decided to engage in used cars and auto parts’ sales franchise and representation in West Africa, operating in three West African countries: Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea (West Africa Region). K.C. Auto Repair & Services operates in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, shipping and selling used cars and auto parts through partnership with local representatives, and dealers.



March 2009 – 2012 (3 years)Akron Ohio

Koninko-Mandou Development Foundation is a regional community based nonprofit, non-religious and non-governmental institution that works to mobilize and assist the Koninko-Mandou people and region in rural Guinea, West Africa. The Foundation was founded in early 2009 by Mr. Laye Soko Traore, President and C.E.O. of KC Auto Repair and Services, a U.S. based automotive service, used cars and auto parts sales company based in Akron, Ohio; and his friends and supporters of the Koninko-Mandou region in the United States and Europe.

Although Mr. Laye Soko Traore and his family are United States citizens, they are direct descendants of the Koninko – Mandou region of Guinea. As African-Americans, Laye and his family elected to contribute to and provide basic opportunities for the people in their native land by identifying with their causes through social and economic development activities.

After visiting the region in 2008 and supporting several development efforts there to help the children, women and elderly as well as rural farmers gain access to opportunities that will make them economically independent, and self-supported, Laye, his family and friends committed the initial capital / funds for the initiation of the Foundation with the view of sustaining the ongoing development activities in the region and for its people. Koninko – Mandou Foundation is an open and transparent institution for all citizens and residents of the Koninko-Mandou region.

The Foundation is a community owned and operated, with power and authority vested in the entire community and people. Essential decisions are derived and acted upon through popular participation, and development projects and activities are implemented through cooperation and partnership between donors and the citizens of the region.


Dave Towell Cadillac & Saab

March 2002 – October 2006 (4 years 8 months)Akron Ohio USA

General distribution of GM Products & auto repair, new Vehicle pre-delivery inspections & used vehicle inspections


Master Mechanic(Link)

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), License 003399017

Starting May 2004

Master Auto Technician(Link)

GM Technical Colleage, License 000999774

Starting March 2002

Microsoft Word Processor(Link)

The University of Akron

The University of Akron, License N/A

Starting October 2002

Automotive Electrical and Electronic (Link)

C.E.P.E.R.T.A.M. Guinee, License 012211323

Starting February 1994

Engine and Transmission Overhaul (Link)

Goethe Institut, License 231100988

Starting April 1989

Automotive Electrical & Electronic (Link)

Monrovia Vocational Training Center (M.V.T.C), License N/A

Starting November 1984


Koninko-Mandou Development (Link)

Starting November 2013

Koninko-Mandou Development Foundation is a regional community based nonprofit, non-religious and non-governmental institution

Team members:

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Transportation Maitenence and Humanitarian Assistance

Liberian National Red Cross Society

March 1986 – May 1989 (3 years 3 months)Disaster and Humanitarian Relief

Disaster relief Operations

Director General

Refugees Self-Initiative Organization

February 2000Disaster and Humanitarian Relief

Advocacy and Distribution of Humanitarian Reliefs

Opportunities Lahai S. is looking for:

    Joining a nonprofit board

    Skills-based volunteering (pro bono consulting)

Causes Lahai S. cares about:

    Arts and Culture


    Civil Rights and Social Action

    Economic Empowerment



    Human Rights

    Disaster and Humanitarian Relief

    Poverty Alleviation

    Science and Technology

    Social Services

Organizations Lahai S. supports:

    Koninko-Mandou Development Foundation


    United Way of America

    American Red Cross

    International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

    United Nations

    NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.

    The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights

    Human Rights Watch

    Amnesty International USA

    Center for African Affairs & Global Peace (CAAGLOP)

    National Urban League

    New Liberia Foundation LLC.


GM Technical College

    Automotive Engine & Automatic Trans Axle System

    Automotive Diagnostics & Repair Services

    Automotive Electrical & Electronic Systems

    Automotive Cooling & Heating Systems

    Automotive Suspension & Steering Systems

    Automotive Audio & Video Systems

    Automotive Brakes & ABS Systems

Independent Coursework

    Business Administration

    Automotive Electrical & Wiring Systems

    Automotive Engine & Manual Trans axle



    Full professional proficiency


    Full professional proficiency


    Full professional proficiency


    Limited working proficiency


    Limited working proficiency



Akron, Ohio

January 2006

Automotive Diagnostics, Troubleshooting & Repairs


    Management Automotive Automobile Social Networking Vehicles Selling Automotive Repair Parts Team Building New Business Development Customer Service Telecommunications International Business Automotive Aftermarket Sales Operations

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