Launching Into A New Era Of Fashion – From Eyola’s Private Showroom, Lagos (Nigeria)

Once upon a time luxury was all about exclusivity, authenticity and superiority to the ordinary. The quintessential traits of traditional luxury has lost its lustre in recent years with the rise of mass-luxury. This evolution has brought about a new luxury consumer in search of vintage, one-off, custom-made and bespoke pieces, reminiscent of the traditional codes of luxury.

Eyola, a London-based label with West African roots, is turning back the hands of time by preserving the codes of nineteenth century luxury – an era synonymous with craftsmanship and exclusivity. The label is divded into two parts: women's occasion wear and tailored blazer jackets.

Each silhouette from Eyola's occasion wear line is created as part of a small capsule collection called 'Octettes'; a new fashion term coined by Eyola that derives from one of the Victorian era's most iconic fashion items – the corset, which creates an hourglass figure-8 shape. Each 8-piece octette is transeasonal and consists of evening wear, cocktail dresses, bridal gowns and party separates that are either one of a kind or limited edition to a maximum production of eight per style.

Then there is Eyola's second line entirely focused on custom-made blazers. Merging fashion with technology, Eyola introduces an interactive online shopping experience that gives women the opportunity to design and order blazer jackets online. With the help of a virtual design companion, you will be on your way to customizing every inch of your blazer. Visit to navigate and select from a wide range of materials, trimmings and design specifications, choosing details such as cut, style, length, sleeve type and colour. The final step is choosing your standard size in addition to your bust, waist and hip measurements for a personalized fit. Once the design is submitted, Eyola's craftsmen get to work, applying some of the nineteenth century's traditional methods of soft-structured hand-craft tailoring. After an average of four weeks, the finished blazer is exclusively wrapped in Eyola's signature luxury packaging and delivered to your doorstep in Liberia.

Fashion has never felt so personal. It certainly makes a lot of style sense to take on a more active role in designing what you wear. After all, no one knows your personal style better than you do.

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