Garbage Causes Flood in Monrovia

Improper garbage disposal by residents, meanly those engaged in swamp land development is said to have contributed to a wave of flooding in recent days leaving thousands of dwellers homeless in Liberia’s Capital, Monrovia.

Six hours of heavy down pour of rain on the first day of June followed by subsequent down pours on the second day of the new month in Monrovia trigged the wave of flooding.

The situation has left about 3,000 homes to become casualties of water running over chocked public guitars, denying the passage of water into the Du-River, resulting to flooding.

Some of the devastated slump communities include Fiamah and the 12st Street Communities in Sinkor, where most houses submerged in the pour water.

One of the victims of the flood, Isaac Nayanakpeh, is a the head of a family of four. He told WASH Reporters as part of the Exclusive Media Focus on Sanitation with support from WaterAid in Liberia and Sierra Leone that they are disturbed and confused.

“I have all my cooking utensils, our sleeping bed and wearing all damaged and I don't have money to help”, pitifully narrated.

After the rain subsided, many of the victims including Nayanakpeh and family  were seen fetching water out of their houses,  while suit cases and household belongings floated about.

Other victims were relocating, many had nowhere to go but sat by at the  roadside hopelessly pleading for assistance.

Nayanakpeh pointed out that:  “the flood came about because government lacks the concern to regulate the construction of buildings along river banks  and not enforcing the protection of wet land areas”.

Considering the indication of heavy rain fall this year, policy makers and implementers must take proactive action against the random construction and the mass rush for swamp land for construction purposes in the city of Monrovia and its environs thereby causing the wave of devastation being encountered by slum dwellers in the city.

According to a Monrovia City Corporation’s Slum Initiative Research conducted 2009 recognized about 27 slums and informal settlements in Monrovia.

Notable among them are, West Point, ClaraTown, LoganTown Soniwein, and South Beach communities.

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