As Abject Poverty Swallows Liberia, Officials Buying Expensive Houses Abroad

As Liberians endlessly drowns in abject poverty in their home country despite of their country rich natural resources, report gathered by this news outlet has disclosed that some officials of the Liberian Government have elected to abandon their country’s development and invest in foreign countries with huge wealth obtained from home.

This situation on the part of these government officials to abandon their countries and develop foreign land has helped to give rise to the backwardness of Liberia, and also degrade its status as Africa’s oldest Republic. What a pity for those unpatriotic Liberians who only use the wealth of Liberia’s natural resources to enrich themselves while others drowns in abject poverty.

According to our U.S. based Correspondent, a number of government officials have purchased expensive houses, with the latest purchase been done in  Pennsylvania, the State of Maryland at the cost of US$600,000.00 by one of those government officials named to be disclosed in our subsequent posting.

This official is among dozens of others who have resolved to use Liberia as their farms, and take foreign countries including the United States as their paradise. What an ugly situation on the part of these individuals.

The purpose of this publication is to expose those individuals who only want to use Liberia as their farms, and use other lands as their beloved place to live. In our subsequent posting, we will release the list of those officials whose sole intent is to only come to Liberia and get what they can get to return to their paradise.

This habit on the part of these Liberians must be brought to an immediate end, and help to develop this country, it is the only country that Liberians have.

To be continue.

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