LIBERIA: As Executive Rush To Dismiss, Suspend LACC Indictees, Concern Mounts Over Delay For Prosecution

The delay to prosecute those being indicted by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), and the General Auditing Commission (GAC) for their alleged linked for corruption has created serious concern amongst the Liberians; wondering as to what is the real problem for the delay.

The Liberian leader recently dismissed three officials of at the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) with immediate effect.

A release from the Executive Mansion named those dismissed as:P. Emmerson Harris, Deputy Director General for Administration and Management; Richard S. Panton, Deputy Director General for Training and Development and Harris F. Tarnue, Deputy Director General for Research and Consultancy, were dismissed for unilaterally increasing their salaries during the absence of the head of that entity.

But few days later without clarity from the Chief Executive for her action to dismiss them, again another press release was issued by the President’s that they were been temporarily reinstatedPending the fulfillment of certain conditions.

As Liberians ponder over this latest from the executive, other government officials were caught in the Executive’s “Rush Suspension,” again based on report from the LACC/GACthat they were been indicted for corruption.

These latest victims are the Managing Director of the National Port Authority, Madam Matilda W. Parker and her Financial Controller, Madam Christina Pailey, and the entire member of the NPA Board.

The suspension of these NPA officials which has no duration pondered many as to why up today they have not been called in by both the LACC and GAC for investigation and subsequent prosecution.

President Sirleaf in the same vain also dismissed the entire Board of Directors of the NPA and has ordered the Ministry of Justice to investigate circumstances leading to the suspension and dismissal which is in connection with the Liberia Anti-Correction Commission (LACC).

According to the release, the Liberian Leader took the decision Wednesday, April 22, 2015 in a special statement to the nation via State Radio, ELBC from her Capitol Hill Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Monrovia.

According to report, those suspended by the President based on LACC investigative report are yet to be cited by that institution in order to exonerate themselves or be held for their alleged action through those charges leveled against them by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission.

Many are wondering as to why the executive took what observers considered as ‘hasty decision’ to suspend and dismiss officials who up to present have not thoroughly been investigated.

The LACC must be more robust in tracking down those who have been linked and indicted for corruption for a speedy trial, and not just bring them to public ridicule that they have been accused of corruption.

Others Liberians who spoke to this outlet also said it is indeed irritating for those officials who were publicly disgraced, and indicted under the canopy of misusing public funds have not been prosecuted.

“We are concerned, and want to know as to whether these individuals been indicted by the LACC have been found guilty. Many of those indicted are yet to be invited by the LACC. What a pity for people who have made lots of contributions to the growth and development of our country are been publicly disgraced,” Annie Jones, a business woman who spoke to this paper noted.

Others also expressed their concern on the suspension and dismissal by the President for those who have been indicted by the LACC without firstly getting the real stories of why they were indicted, and found guilty.

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