‘Don’t Scare Investors Away,’ Liberian Leader Warns

The Liberian leader has indicated that the government cannot continue to attract investment to create jobs while  others engage in violence that scare away investors.
“As a government, we cannot allow a few people to undermine the interest of this country; to run investors away and to make sure that we do not attract what we need to achieve our development goals,” President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said.
Addressing journalists at the Roberts International Airport upon arrival from Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire where she participated in the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the African Development Bank, she expressed serious displeasure at the news of the vandalism and looting of properties at Golden Veroleum-Liberia (GVL) in Butaw, Sinoe County on Tuesday, May 26.
According to an Executive Mansion release, the Liberian leader said government will respond to this in “a very effective way.”
“When I returned the last time you may recall, I said to Liberians that we cannot continue to go out and attract investment, bring people to do business and create jobs and then when you have these kinds of violence, it takes away from our effort and people run away from the country,” the President emphasized.
Cautioning further, President Sirleaf said: “Money only goes to the place where it’s safe. They [investors] don’t go where they’re frightened.”
At the request of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai during a visit to Indonesia in April, a senior Vice President of Golden Veroleum was visiting the company’s operations in Sinoe County when all of the violence and destruction unfolded.
She vowed not to allow this to happen, stressing, “People cannot undermine the interest of the millions of people in this country that are looking for jobs, that want to be safe, that want to make sure that this country progresses.”
She urged all Liberians to stand against such practice “because it takes away from us, our livelihood and success.”

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