China Re-echoes Commitment To Liberia’s Reconstruction

Chinese President Xi Jinping has re-echoed that China will participate actively in the socio-economic reconstruction of Liberia in the post-Ebola era.
He said China values the development of Sino-Liberian relationship and expressed wiliness to work with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to deepen the friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation in all fields to benefit the peoples of the two countries.  
President Xi noted that China and Africa are “good friends and partners” standing together through storm and stress but assured it is a compelling obligation of China to help Africa fight against the Ebola virus.
According to a Foreign Ministry release, Xi congratulated President Sirleaf, the Government and People of Liberia for the success scored against the deadly Ebola virus, following the declaration from the World Health Organization that Liberia is Ebola free.   
In his message, on behalf of the Government and People of the People’s Republic of China, he extended heartfelt congratulations to the Liberian leader and added that under the dynamic leadership of President Sirleaf, the Government and People of Liberia spared no efforts to fight against and finally eradicated the Ebola virus.  
He recalled during the early stage of the outbreak when Liberia and other African countries were in the critical stage facing the rage of Ebola, the Government and People of China took the lead to provide multiple rounds of urgent humanitarian assistance.
He said China dispatched hundreds of medical experts, and health workers from the People Liberation Army of China, who came, stood and fought together with Liberia.  
President Sirleaf thanked China for its support to Liberia during the Ebola crisis and acknowledged that China was the first country to come to Liberia’s aid when international attention and support were initially not forthcoming.
She recounted that China dispatched aircraft loaded with much-needed medical materials and supplies that were so critical and urgently needed at the time and admitted that it was a big support that began the process of containing the deadly Ebola virus.

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