Vice President Boakai’s Presidential Bid Stirs Liberia’s Political waters

Liberian political water is getting hotter each day following the declaration of Liberia’s Vice President, Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai of his readiness to contest the 2017 presidency with several reports of many expressing their intent for this highest office of the land, the presidency.

Being the first to declare his intent, the Liberian Vice President’s declaration has been the talk of Monrovia and its environs with many grading him as one of the best choice due to his rich credentials, despite of his link with the ruling Unity Party.

Many Liberians, who spoke to our reporter in sampling interviews, said they were overwhelmed of the latest news in the Liberian political arena, making specific reference of the Liberian Vice President declaration to contest the presidency, noting that his intention should be welcomed by all meaning Liberians, and must not be misunderstood by those they described as detractors.

But for others, speaking to our reporter said the Liberian Vice President’s declaration to contest the presidency on the ticket of the Unity Party will put him into what they described as an “Unfortunate situation”, where those who finds the ruling Unity Party of failing the Liberian people during its reign will bitter his intent for the presidency.

For politicians who have queued to throwing their weight in the race for the  2017 elections  say they are taken aback of this latest development from the Vice Standard Bearer of the ruling Unity Party (UP) to contest the 2017 presidential elections, noting, “It is unbelievable to hear that Vice President Boakai has accepted a petition to contest the presidency, let wait and see this day,” one of the many Liberian politicians who preferred not to be named told our staff in an exclusive interview.

Already, several political parties including the country’s biggest political opposition Congress for Democratic Change have reportedly resolved to merge in order to change leadership circle of the Unity Party, and bring on board a new chain of party that will govern the Liberian people after 2017.

As Liberians puzzle over who becomes their next President two years from now in 2017, the quest by politicians to grab this office (Executive Mansion) is growing rapidly with the hope of these countless presidential candidates to wallow the Liberian society.

Liberia, a tiny country on the west coast of Africa has been swelled with dozens of political parties, with the same number of persons throwing their might in the race for the presidency, representing their respective political parties.

Questions that flipped the lips of Liberians in the face of the pending elections like other previous elections are, “How many persons will sit in this seat, the presidency. Are those contesting for the presidency nationalists?” these are many of the questions being asked, especially when everyone wants to become President.

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