LIBERIA: Yesterday Incident In Butaw, GVL Expresses Concern, As It Constructs, Dedicates Hand Pumps In Wesabo

The Management of Golden Veroleum Liberia says it is concerned about yesterday’s incident in Butaw, Sinoe County.

According to the Head of Corporate Communication at the GVL, Mr. Virgil Magee said, his institution deeply concerned by the actions of a few individual who have chosen to disregard the law and safety of the company’s personnel and local residents in the area.

Adding, “We have been working with local authorities, the Liberian National Police and UNMIL to peacefully resolve the situation and will continue to do so. In the coming days we will assess the situation more thoroughly along with an in depth investigation and determine an adequate way forward”.

In a related development, Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) says it has constructed and dedicated three hand pumps to the Muyanken, Dentiken and Behwan communities in Wedabo Administrative District, Grand Kru County. The facilities are currently providing safe drinking water for more than 200 community residents.

Speaking at the brief dedication ceremony held Monday, GVL Community Affairs and Sustainability Assistant Manager, Hugh Bladeesaid the construction of the hand pumps in the areas is a manifestation of the company’s continuous commitment to ending rural poverty in the Southeast of Liberia. “We ourselves as part of the local communities and as such we are committed to providing these basic social services for the locals to improve their living environment,” said Bladee.

Bladee further disclosed in past years, the Muyanken, Dentiken and Behwan communities lacked safe drinking water and used creek water as a source of drinking water. “This was actually a huge environmental and health challenge for these residents. Today, GVL has decided to provide these basic necessities as part of our corporate social responsibilities to the direct benefits of these communities.”

He put the cost of the project at over US$10,500.00 and urged communities’ members to properly manage and maintained the pumps in order to meet its intended purpose as well as to ensure its longevity.Acknowledging the initiative by GVL in separate remarks, Zimbo Tarka, Town Chief of the communities thanked GVL for providing said modern facilities which he described as    first of its kind in the history of their communities.

“For over forty years since we established these towns and villages, this is the first time for us to have hand pumps to drink safe water; throughout our lives, we have been drinking from creeks and rivers,” he said. “We never thought we will have and drink from hand pumps in our communities. We say thank God for GVL for coming to our aid and restoring our hope.”

At the same time, GVL is renovating up to modern standards the Muyanken and Dentiken Public schools that buildings have been completely debilitated and abandoned for several years in Grand Kru. These Schools when completed will address the mounting education challenges of school going age children in these communities and will restored their hopes.

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