LIBERIA: House Concurs With Senate On Decent Work Bill

At long last, the Decent Work Bill has been passed into law as members of the House of Representatives Tuesday unanimously concurred with the Liberian Senate for its passage.

The Senate last Tuesday passed the synchronized version of the bill after the Joint Legislative Conference Committee compromised the two versions that were earlier passed by both the Upper and Lower Houses.

The Decent Work Bill has been languishing in the corridors of the National Legislature for the past five years without passage, to the displeasure of the country’s labor sector.

According to the bill passed, unskilled workers will be paid a minimum wage of US$3.50 per day, while skilled workers will receive US$5.50 per day.

Since 1976, the Minimum Wage Bill in Liberia has been set at US$2.00, something that triggered series of concerns and public outcries within the labor force.

Meanwhile, the National Legislature is in the process of sending the Bill to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for signature, after which it will be printed into Handbills by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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