Japan and South Africa Lift Travel Bans on Liberia

The Governments of Japan and South Africa have lifted travel bans on the Republic of Liberia following the declaration by the World Health Organization (WHO) on May 9, 2015, that Liberia is free of Ebola.

In separate messages from the Japanese and South African Governments, the Government of Japan said it has decided to resume economic cooperation projects that have been suspended due to the outbreak of Ebola, including the Reconstruction of the Somalia Drive in Monrovia and Rehabilitation of Monrovia Power System, and to reopen JICA Liberia field office shortly.

According to the Japanese Envoy, with the resumption of training programs that have also been suspended due to the Ebola outbreak, JICA is currently confirming with institution that will accept Liberia trainees.

The lifting of the travel ban on Liberia by the Japanese Government was disclosed by Japanese Ambassador Kaoru Yoshimura when he met Liberia's Foreign Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan on the margins of the just ended ECOWAS 47th Summit in Accra, Ghana.

At the same time, South Africa has also announced the lifting of travel restrictions for travelers from Liberia. The South African Embassy near Monrovia said the decision by its government is in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, that Liberia is free of Ebola, travelers from Liberia will no longer require prior application for permission to travel to South Africa with immediate effect. Travelers from Liberia, as with all travelers, will be required to undergo thermal screening at the ports of entry, added the South African Envoy to Liberia.

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