Japan Commends Liberia For Monitoring And Evaluation Unit

The Government of Japan has commended the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for establishing a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Unit for the Counterpart fund, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Speaking at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the signing ceremony of the US$4.2 million Non-Project Grant Aid, Japanese Ambassador, and H.E. Kaoru Yoshimura noted that it is based on the establishment of the M&E Units that the Government of Japan selected Liberia as one of the beneficiaries for the Non-Project Grant Aid. The M&E Unit has good track records of carrying out valuable counterpart fund projects for social and economic development, stated the Japanese Ambassador.

Ambassador Yoshimura emphasized that the Japanese Government is determined to provide this Aid to Liberia is based on the believe that the Aid will be able to contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic situation in Liberia.

According to Ambassador Yoshimura, the Non-Project Grant Aid will be of great help in boosting social development in Liberia. He said, Under the Aid, the government of Liberia will receive products, for instance petroleum products which directly contribute to the recovery of social economic situation.

Ambassador Yoshimura was delighted that the Non-Project Grant Aid is being granted at a time when Liberia has successfully overcome the plague of the Ebola Virus Disease and is taking steps to recover from the socio-economic damages ebola left behind.

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