Liberia’s Justice Ministry Threatens To Suspend Motorcycle Operation If…

The Ministry of Justice has threatened to suspend the operation of motorbikes in locations where motorcyclists engage in collective violence that lead to injury or destruction of property.
According to Justice Minister Benedict Sannoh, the government will also be constrained to impound any motorbike venturing on the street in areas where operations are suspended due to lawlessness.
Speaking at the Ministry of Information regular press conference in Monrovia on Thursday, Sannoh noted that government has exerted all efforts to deal with the situation of bike riders in a very responsible and pragmatic manner.
Sannoh said since the April 16 incident in which a motorcyclist was killed while being chased by a police officer, the government has noted with “great concern” that the motorcyclists continue to engage in acts of lawlessness and collective disregard of the law.
 “This is a collective responsibility placed on bike riders and their communities so that together they will ensure that the business of bike riding does not lead to deliberate violation of laws that will undermine the peace and security of the country,” Sannoh said.
The Justice Minister indicated that the police alone cannot man the length and breadth of the country and as such it requires the collective involvement of citizens and community leaders, adding, “The peace and security of this country cannot be left in the hands of the police alone.”
It can be recalled that on May 6, 2015 in Buchannan, Grand Bassa County, a motorbike rider rode under a parked truck and died instantly, an event that led to violent reaction by a group of motorcyclists who set the truck ablaze.
A repeat of the event also took place in Sinoe and Nimba counties few days later where groups of motorcyclists violently reacted by burning vehicles involved in accidents with bike riders.

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