This Woman steak knife to saw into necks of boy, 7, and 16-month-old girl while asleep on trial

A woman who slit the throats of two young children is currently standing trial for attempted murder, but according to her she did nothing wrong. Sadie Jenkins told witnesses at the scene that it “had to be done.”

The 28-year-old from South Wales allegedly used a serrated steak knife to saw at the throats of the 16-month-old girl and seven-year-old boy, according to the UK Daily Mail Online.

It was the children’s screams that woke the rest of the household, and ultimately saved the children from a gruesome death.

Due to privacy concerns, the names of the children have not been released. There are conflicting reports over whether they were Jenkins’ own children, or if they were staying with residents of the home.

According to court testimony, Jenkins was at the home of Nigel and Ceri Ash at the time. Mr. and Mrs. Ash were asleep, when they heard the tortured cries of distress and rushed to investigate.

They discovered Jenkins holding a knife over the baby, as the boy held a blanket to the “gaping wound” on his neck. The girl’s throat was described as “slashed open and bleeding.

The couple, both 58, subdued Jenkins and wrestled the knife from her—keeping her detained until paramedics and police could arrive. They said she shouted “sorry, it had to be done.”

The injured children were rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, where they were immediately put into surgery.

By some miracle, both children survived—the boy required 20 stitches to close his wound, while his sister needed 15.

Shockingly, despite being caught in the act by witnesses, Jenkins denies the attempted murder of the children. She is claiming insanity due to drug use at the time of the brutal attack.

She has also claimed that she acted on the instructions of “voices” that told her to do it.

Her trial is ongoing, and it will be left up to a jury to decide if Jenkins was in fact insane at the time of the attack.

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