LIBERIA: Sen. Wesseh Urges Colleagues To Re-direct Focus

River Gee County Senator Conmany B. Wesseh has urged his colleagues to focus on important legislative matters that are relevant to the State.
Senator Wesseh said the Senators were mostly focused on debating on communications seeking bills or invitation for hearing in committee room, leaving out issues like the president’s annual message which, he said, contains several important matters that require discussions.
Speaking in plenary Tuesday, he named the construction of roads, revenue generation and provision of basic social services to the people of Liberia, among others, which must be focused on.
The River Gee lawmaker clarified that nothing was wrong with debating communications and sending them to committee rooms, but the content of the president’s annual message would help in their legislative functions.       
It can be recalled that Senator Wesseh had earlier written the senate to carefully consider the president’s annual message so as to serve as a guide to their legislative functions.
He maintained that utilizing the message would enable Senators to be acquainted with areas in which the government scores successes and failures.
Also speaking, Sinoe County Senator Milton Teahjay said framers of communications sponsoring bills or invitations are not usually given enough time to provide additional information concerning the document before being sent to committee rooms.
This, according to Senator Teahjay, was making it difficult for framers of the communications to adequately defend their own documents.

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