Liberia’s Remaining Forest Threatened, If…

The Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ms Anyaa Vohiri, predicts that though Liberia holds a large chunk of sub-Saharan forest, it remains exposed to further disaster.
According to her, the disaster would occur if an inclusive forest management plan, collective protection measures, and sustainability efforts are not taken seriously by all Liberians in managing the forest sector.
Liberia stands in few years to lose its current position as one the highest forest host among sub-Sahara countries, she said.
The country has lost 30,000 hectare of its forest, amounting to 62 percent deforestation since 199, creating insecurity for the 850,000 species found in the country’s forest.
“Our farmers don’t know how to harvest forest product, when to cut down trees, burn or replant, thereby leading to the damage of 8,000 hectare of land each year,” the EPA boss disclosed.
She also indicated that the Liberian biodiversity is under a diminishing threat and needs to be protected.
Vohiri said shifting cultivation, exploitation of mineral resources, harvesting of timber and non-timber forest products are primary factors contributing to the deforestation of the nation’s biodiversity and that such harvests are not done sustainably.
She warned Liberians to desist from felling trees and killing animals but rather focus on reforestation which is a possible remedy to environmental degradation associated with Liberian forest.

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