Ebola On The Run As Liberians Continue Their ‘Old Habits’, Shaking Hands And Gugging

Following declaration by the World Health Organization (WHO) that Liberia has been freed of this deadly Ebola virus Monday, May 11, 2015 with dozens of international guests in attendant are the well organized intercessory service, happiness by Liberians is growing daily.

Critics of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her Government are making U-turn lauding praises on her for her courage in collaboration with the international community to sweep Ebola out of Liberia.

But for others, they want their fellow compatriots to be mindful of the virus, warning that once nearby countries’ Sierra Leone and Guinea, are still battling out with the virus, it is still dangerous for Liberia to remain insensitive.

Residents of Monrovia and it’s environ have restarted their regular habits; shaking hands and hugging their friends and relatives. While others who have realized that this virus is still around continue taken the necessary precautions, washing hands, and other preventive measures.

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