Gov’t Issues Regulations For Commercial Motorbike Operators

Commercial motorbike operators have been mandated to register their bikes with the Ministries of Transport and Justice and procure Third Party Insurance with minimum liability.

According to a statement issued Wednesday, the mandate is one of several measures jointly taken by the Ministries of Transport and Justice to ensure national security and the maintenance of law and order.

The statement noted that prior to placing the motorbike at the disposal of the operator, the owner must ensure that the rider has completed certain minimum hours of training to be organized by the Ministry of Transport in collaboration with the Liberia National Police (LNP).

The statement noted that each bike operator must have completed a compulsory bike rider training program to ensure basic knowledge of traffic rules and avoid conduct inimical to the integrity of the transport sector.

According to the statement, operators of commercial motorbikes must secure and possess operator’s license issued by the Ministry of Transport as a condition precedent to riding a motorbike.

To obtain an operator’s license, the statement noted, the motorbike rider or applicant must demonstrate that he or she is a Liberian or a foreign resident with work permit in Liberia and has undergone the training program for motorbike riders, evidenced by a certificate issued by the Ministry of Transport.


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