The Liberian bikers who wear pink to stop getting robbed – A BBC Report

Female motorcycle taxi drivers in Liberia were fed up with being robbed. So they formed a collective, called it the Pink Panthers and donned bright helmets and jackets which made sure they were easy to spot.

Dearest Coleman was working as a motorcycle taxi driver when passengers directed her into an ambush. When she didn't hand over her keys, the thieves beat her up and stole her bike.

So she now has to rent her bike. It costs 500 Liberian dollars (US$6; £4) each day. She aims to own her own bike again in the future

Dearest has been working as a motorcycle taxi driver for over five years. They are used by lots of people to get around Monrovia. Her customers can be commuters, schoolchildren and shoppers.

She works from 5:00 to 21:00 most days. That doesn't leave much time for her to spend time with her children

With nine other women, she formed the Pink Panther women's motorbike taxi collective in January

At first they found women were hesitant to hire a female taxi driver

Female motorcyclists are almost unheard of in Monrovia, says Henrietta Tolbert from the Angie Brooks International Centre for Women's Empowerment. They provided the striking pink helmets

Dearest says she still doesn't feel safe. "We have a whole lot of struggle, a whole lot of challenges".

But she says she wants more women to join the collective. SEE MORE OF THIS STORY


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