Liberian Leader Dismisses Four at LNP Including Col. Abraham Kromah, Superintendent of Grand Cape Mount County; Makes More Appointments

Monrovia, Liberia – President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has with immediate effect, relieved the following persons from their posts at the Liberia National Police (LNP).

They include:

1.      Abraham Kromah, as Deputy Director of Police for Operations;

2.      Samuel Nimley, as Assistant Director for Intelligence;

3.      Phil Tougbey, as Assistant Director for Administration; and,

4.      Joseph B. Flomo, as Assistant Director for Crimes Services Department and transferred to Intelligence as Acting Assistant Director.

The Liberian leader has also mandated the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Liberia, to constitute a “Change Management Committee” at the LNP with the view to formalizing the procedure for the promotion and changes in the management structure at the LNP.

Pending the recommendation of the “Change Management Committee”, the Liberian President, upon the recommendation of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, has designated:

1.      Prince Mulbah, Chief of Professional Standard Division, to serve as Acting Deputy Director of Police for Operations; and

2.      Sadatu F.M. Reeves, Chief of Gender Affairs to serve as Acting Assistant Director for Administration.

These changes take immediate effect.

In another development, President Sirleaf has dismissed Imam Mohammed A. Passewe as Superintendent of Grand Cape Mount County and has forwarded to the Ministry of Justice a case involving Imam Passewe in the misuse of public funds.  The Assistant Superintendent for Development has been mandated to serve as Acting Superintendent.

Meanwhile, the President Sirleaf has made the following appointments at the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, State for Presidential Affairs and the National Housing Authority as well as the Boards of Tax Appeals, Liberia Maritime Authority, Liberia Airport Authority and the Liberia Electricity Corporation. The appointments are subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate where applicable.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Brahima Kaba                                                          

Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mr. Jarjar Kamara                                          

Ambassador to Sierra Leone

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Local Government

Mrs. Youngor S. Sherman                                           

Development Superintendent, Lofa County

Mr. Jumah Gull                                                                

Supt., Suehn Mecca Statutory District, Bomi Co.

Ms. Mammie Dulleh                                                      

Township Commissioner, Bakedu Township, Lofa Co.

Mr. Richard Flyjour                                                      

Commissioner, Kongba, Gbarpolu County

Mr. Thomas Ezike                                                         

Commissioner, Gbarma, Gbarpolu County

Mr. John Gormu                                                              

Commissioner, Bokomu, Gbarpolu County

Mr. John Suloken                                                            

Commissioner, Gouwalala, Gbarpolu County

Mr. Learphey Binda                                                      

County Inspector, Gbarpolu County

Ministry Of State for Presidential Affairs

Mr. Abel Plackie
2nd Deputy Press Secretary

National Housing Authority

Mr. Prince Anything Wleh                         

Deputy Managing Director for Administration

Board of Tax Appeals

Mr. David Kolleh                                            


Liberia Maritime Authority

Mr. Edward Dunn                                          

Member of the Board (replacing Mr. Willard Russell)

Liberia Airport Authority

Mr. Gbehzhongar Findley                                           
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Minister of Transport                                                 
Statutory Member


Minister of Public Works                                           


Liberia Civil Aviation Authority                              
Statutory Member


SN Brussels Managing Director                               

Ms. Aumou Abdallah Ebanks                                    

Managing Director                                                        

Liberia Electricity Corporation

Mr. Ian Yhap                                                                                                     

Chairman, Board of Directors


Minister of Lands, Mines and Energy                                                    

Statutory Member


Minister of Finance and Development Planning                              

Statutory Member


Minister of Justice

Statutory Member


Dr. Clarence Moniba, PDU                                                                         



Mr. Monie Captan                                                                                           



Ms. Mona Doe Siaffa                                                                      –             


Mr. Cooper Tomah                                                                         –             



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